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3D Scanner i3Dscan 2.0
3D Scanner i3Dscan 2.0

3D Scanner i3Dscan 2.0 for jewelry

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Our new “i3Dscan 2.0“ model has proven itself with its
impressive speed and precision. 
new standards in the field of structured-light scanning.
Due to its very large measuring field, imes-icore offers
a complete solution for maximum productivity, which
is perfectly and precisely suited for implant-supported
work. With a precision of up to 4 μm (acc. to ISO
12836), structured-light projection ensures the required
high precision. The STL open data format ensures
independence and flexibility. The new, fully automatic 3D
calibration makes production of large-span, screw-retained
implant restorations possible. In addition,
The scanning software automatically combines the obtained measurement data

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